My 3-Practicum Reflection

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My 3-practicum placements have provided me with different, but great learning experiences. I was able to practice what I have been learning in my other college courses in my practicums. In all my practicums, I was able to build positive relationships with each student and teacher-supervisors that I interacted with. I have worked in a grade 4, grade 1, and now a grade 3 classroom. As I assisted in each classroom I was able to learn what my teacher-supervisors would expect from their educational assistant.

My first practicum placement allowed me to gain experience of working in more than one grade 4 classroom. I was able to observe and take initiative with assisted students with completing assignments. I used strategies I remember from school
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This practicum setting allowed me to gain experience in assisting students that have diagnosed with ADHD/noncompliance, Down Syndrome/noncompliance, and ESL students. The skills I learned from this practicum, was the importance of taking initiative and communicating with my teacher-supervisor. I did assist students with assignments, but I felt this practicum allowed me more of an opportunity to respond to behavioural situations. I learned different methods and strategies with assisting students to self-regulate, redirect aggressive behaviours, or finding different approaches with teaching a new …show more content…
I have been lucky to have really good teacher-supervisors to show me their strategies/methods on how to assist their students academically and behavioural challenges. My practicum placements allowed me to learn about what teachers expect from their educational assistants. I learned the importance of taking initiative and communicating with my teacher-supervisors about the students I have assisted. I need to communicate about strategies/approaches I would like to use or have used with the students. I also need to inform them about behaviours I may see that questionable. I have learned that it is important to discuss things with the teacher, because it can help her understand where they are in their learning and if the students are displaying behaviours that are concerning. My teacher-supervisors trust me to maintain confidentiality about the conversations I have with them about the

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