President Obama 's Plan For Free Community College Essay

1352 Words Mar 22nd, 2015 6 Pages
Despite the money families could save by sending their children to community college for free, making community college free would cause an even greater debt for the United States and higher taxes for all citizens. Over a 10 year period, President Obama’s plan for free community college is approximated to yield over 60 billion dollars(McClean). In other words, the United States’ accumulating debt would have a significantly larger amount added to it. Since 1776, the United States has been building up a national debt that has recently peaked to over 18 trillion dollars(U.S. Debt). Adding to the country’s extensive debt in a preventable situation is not a wise decision. Individuals could suffer, as well as the country as a whole. Residents in the U.S. would experience a rise in federal taxes under Obama’s plan and tax reform(Boorman). Many taxpayers are already overwhelmed with costs of living, but using citizen’s money to pay for anyone to go to college is foolish on the Government’s behalf. The situation would be more likely to have a positive outcome if there were to be any economic gains made from it. But, the likelihood that some students are not seriously dedicated to improving their education through community college is high. These students are likely to take advantage of the limited monetary assets, only to withdraw from classes(Boorman). Spending taxpayer’s money on students who don’t sincerely value their education is wasteful. Community college with a price limits…

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