Presentation Of A Group Project Presentation Essay

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Throughout the year, as a class we have been given many different challenges in either the form of an essay, speech, or group presentation. The final assignment given to us was a group project presentation. From growing up in an age filled with technology, I have come to love projects that revolve around making some form of a PowerPoint presentation. This PowerPoint though, was both difficult and interesting for the reasons of being assigned group members not of my own choosing, learning to listen to others ideas which can help me to learn something new, and using former knowledge while working together to create a clean, in depth, and well prepared presentation. With working in groups of students whom I have known since I was young but typically do not work on projects with was a challenge, but was also an opportunity to bring about ideas that are necessary when creating a well-developed presentation. The members of my group were Carol, Blare, and Leland. In the beginning we decided that I was going to be the group leader for the project, which I enjoyed being. I am very fastidious with the way in which I like assignments to be completed and that can sometimes be my biggest flaw when working in a group setting. It was a challenge for me to try and incorporate everyone’s ideas into the presentation, but by the end of assignment I very much enjoyed listening to my team’s thoughts and feedback to how I would incorporate their views into the PowerPoint. A challenge that…

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