Pregnancy Scares Just Do Not End At The Pill Essay examples

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Pregnancy scares just do not end at the pill. A lot of girls are under the assumption that you take this magic pill and you’re suddenly not pregnant. That is how it is supposed to work, but there is always a small chance that it does not. I was very aware of this chance, and let the stress of it consume me for about 2 weeks on top of school stress. It was extremely unhealthy, though a life changing experience.

I personally am a very anxious person when I don’t get my homework done, so the two weeks up to my period after taking the pill was a whole new level of nerve racking. Usually girls loathe their period, but I was praying for mine. When that time of the month came, it was humiliating getting all the symptoms you 're supposed to get on time, praying, than only seeing discharge. Since this was my first time taking the pill I didn’t know how it would affect my period. The entire week was a messy guessing game of minipads and nerves.

The scare also brought up questions of my morals. I had always been extremely pro-choice, but when I asked myself what I would do, I did not know. Suddenly things were not so clear. The price of abortions became more than just a number on a screen. Now, it was: who would I tell? How much trust would I lose? Would the ones that love me ever forgive me? Plus an abundance of other uncomfortable questions regarding how it would effect my partner. But the question the scared me the most was if I even wanted an abortion at all. There was no right…

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