Pregnancy Is A Wonderful Thing? Essay

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Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, the moment a women finds out that she is pregnant she is filled with many different emotions, ranging from happy, to ecstatic to even a little nervous. But, when that women happens to be a teenage girl, there are a whole different range of emotions. Such as fear, excitement, and they are filled with a lot of questions. Their life changes before their eyes the moment they see a positive pregnancy test. Statistics show that thousands of teenage girls will get pregnant by the age of 20. The effects of being pregnant at a young age, not only effects the teen mother, the father, but the family as well. In those thousands of teenage girls that get pregnant. Many choose to keep the baby, while others choose either adoption or abortion. The amount of life changing ‘adult’ decisions a teenager has to make in such a short time has a lot of grueling effects on the decisions you make while pregnant. Getting pregnant at a young age puts a lot of emotional and physical stress on not only the teenage girl, but her family as well. The effects that a teenage pregnancy is similar to a roller coaster, you think you’ve hit the top, but you just go back down.
The rates of teen pregnancy differ from year to year. Having dropped since the year 2011. The most accurate statistics from teenage pregnancies were around 2010. The birth rate to teens is 68 pregnancies per 1000 teen girls. Every 3 in 10 teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before the age of…

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