Preconceived Notions Of College Essay

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Preconceived notions of college As a senior in high school before going to college it is important to distinguish truth between myths regarding the college experience. As one get older they become increasingly excited to move on and go off to college. However, the movies and stories do not put it into the true perspective. It is difficult to comprehend in high school that virtually every action and decision one makes over those four years can either make or break their adjustment to college. Although each individual’s adjustment and thoughts on college differ, the primary attribute that everyone holds in common is, that individuals believe they know what to do and how to adjust. Nonetheless, in the grand scheme of things they have absolutely no clue. Furthermore, transitioning to college is difficult for incoming freshman because they do not consider the relationships they learned to develop in high school to effect our college transition,low income families at risk for children not even attending college,having a family that supports and has a positive outlook on college,D______,E________________,F_________. In one’s high school career they rarely realize that the qualities of their relationships greatly impact their college adjustment faze. However, in reality the process of developing relationships with our teachers will allow us to effectively assimilate to the challenging academics. In the excerpt “College Freshmen 's Perceptions of Their High School…

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