Pre Pharmacological Interventions And Pharmacological Ones Essay

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Three periods a women goes through in order to have a child are antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum. During these periods a women experiences different types of pain and discomfort associated with the pregnancy, and in this paper we will review what they are and ways to use non-pharmacological interventions and pharmacological ones.
The first period is called Antepartum this is the time between conception and the onset of labor. Two examples of pain during this period are round ligament pain, and back pain. Round ligament pain is pain a women experience from the uterus expanding the ligaments that surround and support the women’s growing belly, and uterus. The pain is caused from the expansion that is occurring to the growing changes of the women’s pregnant body. You feel a sharp pain in your lower belly area, from moving too quickly was to eliminate some of that pain is to reposition yourself, propping your feet up, and or the use of Tylenol.
Back pain which can be caused from the curvature of vertebra as the uterus enlarges, increase in hormones, fatigue, and poor body mechanics can cause back pain in a pregnancy. Ways to help eliminate the pain would to use proper body mechanics, pelvic tilt exercises, avoid heavy lifting, and try to get adequate sleep and rest.
During the Antepartum stage the fetus is developing, and the first and third trimester are critical periods that a women has to watch what she takes in medication wise. So as a nurse or doctor, one…

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