My Reflective Essay

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In preparing lessons for teaching topics and concepts, there are times when all the information and steps are not readily available in my mind. However, there are situations that may arise where the information may start pouring out. On the other hand, there may be instances where I may not know what to do to control certain situations. In these moments I can say that I received an ‘Aha or Eureka’ moment, this is a moment where I have suddenly gained an insight to my teaching. The most important thing that I have learnt from my eureka moments is that I should use my surroundings and simulation methods to help with the knowledge that I want to bring forth to my students
I taught Family and Resource Management to the Intermediate High School.
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I am grateful for all the feedback that I was given on my teaching practicum. The most out-standing feedback that was received was when I was told to make a words chat and hang it in the front of the class where my students will see it whenever I had a lesson with them. Using the words chat in the classroom was very useful. Placing the chart on the wall gave students visual cues and helped sparked their memories during the lesson. My students were able to build and expand their knowledge and vocabulary which improved their reading comprehension and writing skills. The chart also helped students to reinforce their understanding of the terms used in the specific subject content. Most importantly, the words chart provided an approach to meaningful teaching of vocabulary where emphasis was placed on engaging students in higher level thinking skills. Taking heed to this advice helped to shape the way I planned and taught my lessons that followed in a positive way. My students were excited to see the words chart and looked for words that may have been added or for words that they did not know the meaning of. We were able to always refer to words on the chart during the lesson, and, in planning my lessons, it helped me to pick out the key words and make a chart for my

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