Essay on Power Of Technology : Technology

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Power of Technology

Technology for me personally has been a huge benefit to my life. Because of the advances in technology I now have access to all kinds of things at my fingertips. Thinking back to before all the touchscreens were possible and virtual worlds did not control the adolescent lifestyle. Having a bike, or a baseball bat is also considered technology. Treadmills and toasters are too. All these inventions along with thousands of more have been quite beneficial to the common citizen. Quite often though this society have grown attached to the cellular devices. Attached to the apps and web browsers. Thinking back to when I had my first phone. It changed my early teenage life in an instant. I went from being a “regular student”, to being a member of “ the popular crowd”. All my new found friends enjoyed taking photographs and texting with me. At least texting when I had minutes on my phone. In current days technology has advanced way to far for anyone 's good. People these days don 't even have to type if they wanted some thing searched. Instead they ask Sari or Google to find the information they “desperately need”. Teenagers are always awaiting the new upgrade with higher expectations than the last. People pay thousands of dollars just to have the ability to show off their new devices or gain bragging rights. Although technology has lots of negative flaws, It is quite beneficial to our ability to connect and relate to one…

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