Police Brutality And The Civil Rights Movement Essay examples

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Is it fair for an American citizen to be brutally beaten by those who are dedicated to protecting the community? Many citizens have seen a growing issue with police brutality. “Police brutality is the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians” (S. Danilinaand). Although concerns about police brutality spiked after the Rodney King beating, police brutality has always been in the United States. “Police brutality has existed during the United States Industrial Revolution, the 1960s Civil Rights Movement and after the September 11 attacks.” (S. Danilinaand) The growing concerns of American citizens arose even more after the LA riot protests. Police brutality has become a pressing issue that needs to be resolved so that people who are afraid of the police can see that the officers are out there to help protect the community. Police brutality stuck popularity in the eyes of citizens when people learned about Rodney King. “The Rodney King Riots,” also known as the “Los Angeles Riots,” began this day in 1992, after four Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers were acquitted of charges in the savage beating of Rodney King.” (D.L. Chandler) The incident caused the public to become more aware of the misconduct that the police used against civilians. The beating of Rodney King was shown via a video that someone had captured during the incident. Since Rodney King, the public has started to scrutinize the police in a…

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