Essay about Police Brutality And Racial Profiling

1450 Words Nov 18th, 2014 6 Pages
For many years now, America has witnessed the countless occurrences of racially profiling individuals as well as demonstrating excessive use of force, often called police brutality. Racial profiling is defined as an act of discrimination implemented by a stereotype. It is an action that many police officers practice in order to justify their actions towards a person. Police brutality is the use of extensive force when it does not need to be used in a manner that either threatens or physically harms a civilian. Despite the tragic outcomes of the most notorious protests in America, such as the one held in Ferguson, Missouri and Los Angeles, California it has created an idea that police officers will always be superior to civilians. Police brutality and racial profiling has lighted the flame that was slowly burning out that those who are either of African, Latino or Middle Eastern descent are not treated with the same respect when questioned by the police. Racially profiling and police brutally is destroying lives of Americans who are put into a category based on their appearances and has negatively impacted the minds of those that fall into a group solely based on appearance, religion or ethnic background. Racial profiling has often been a misconception that it has only existed for a couple of decades. In reality, racial profiling has existed since the 1800s. Racial profiling is defined by a prejudice based on a stereotype and since every race has a potent stereotype no one…

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