Police Brutality And The Black Teenager Essay

1556 Words May 11th, 2015 null Page
Police Brutality When cops continually use their training and tactics in ways that brutally harm and injure people, it is unjustly wrong. It is becoming an assumption that white cops are purposely targeting African American citizens. Cops are rushing to conclusions and taking lives or seriously injuring people. Once these citizens are injured it makes it very hard for them to believe in or even trust the law, which in turn is causing a major concern nationwide. Take for instance the Michael Brown “Hands up, don’t shoot” incident that happened on August 9, 2014. Michael Brown, an African American teen, was shot by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. Police were called to the Ferguson Market where Michael and his friend Dorian Johnson had just robbed the store. Ferguson approached Brown and ended up shooting him. It is said by witnesses that Brown, after putting his hands up, said, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” but Ferguson shot anyway and killed the black teenager. The taking of Brown’s life led to many riots in the town of Ferguson, which also led to many more black people being injured. (Meric.) Why is it that black people are three times more likely than white people to get more brutal treatment no matter the crime? This is one question that will never be understood by thousands of people. A mother should not have to worry about their child being hurt by cops when their kid goes to hang out. However, now mothers are starting to worry because of the color of…

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