Cops Views Compromised By The Police Case Study

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Cops Views Compromised By Their Own Thought
When one hears the word “cop,” most of the time, the immediate description that comes to mind would be hero right? Now there has been cases that contradict the original intent. Police are to maintain order in the public and enforce the law. But many are now afraid of the police, due to the headlines on the news about the police beating unarmed civilians, and abusing their power. Police abuse, brutality, can be caused by uncertainty that the civilians are up to no good, racism, and not the right police training can result to death.
Police officers’ responsibilities are to enforce the law and maintain order. The police have been doing a good job at keeping violent crime rates low. Violent crimes in the US fell over 4% in the past year alone, bringing the amount of violent crimes lower than it has
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When a police officer obtains a badge, he or she makes a promise to the people: to protect and fight for them, not to judge and over look them due to their opinion. However recent studies show that there are thousands of reports each year of officers who use uncontrolled force and violate human rights. Police have gone to far when it comes to using force in many cases police go a bit too far when they uncontrollably punch, kick, and beat people who show no sign of threat but they have been trained to react in stressful situations “While placed in dangerous and stressful situations, a law enforcement official has been trained to administer the law in an unbiased way that will maintain the trust of the public and not violate a citizen’s rights” (Cooper 1930). But the police need a new revised training where they’re taught to control their behavior and not overstep the boundaries of policing. The proper training the police officers would be comfortable in any of the many stressful situations that they may be put

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