Compromised By Police

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Cops Views Compromised By Their Own Thought
When one hears the word “cop,” most of the time, the immediate description that comes to mind would be hero right? Now there has been cases that contradict the original intent. Police are to maintain order in the public and enforce the law. But many are now afraid of the police, due to the headlines on the news about the police beating unarmed civilians, and abusing their power. Police abuse, brutality, can be caused by uncertainty that the civilians are up to no good, racism, and not the right police training can result to death.
Police officers’ responsibilities are to enforce the law and maintain order. The police have been doing a good job at keeping violent crime rates low. Violent crimes in
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This chart shows how physical force has increased during the year. It gives you an idea of how many people have been attacked by the police do their race. Innocent colored civilians have been attacked when they posed no threat such as “Kai Tae Kim, a Korean grocer was assaulted when he was accused of passing a counterfeit bill. He was punched in the face and his head was slammed into the counter, the officer also subjected him to racial slurs. Marcos Maldonado a Latino grocer was mistaken for a suspect after an armed robbery to his store. He was handcuffed, thrown to the floor, repeatedly kicked, and beaten with the officer 's nightstick”(Police Brutality and Excessive Force in the New York City Police Department 17). That shows how the police attacked on racist thoughts and not on the person posing any harm towards anyone. Racism has existed for as long as anyone can even remember, it should affect one to do his or her job to protect. Police officers should not police if they cannot put their biased opinions away while on the …show more content…
Whether or not a person believes police brutality is a serious problem, it must be stopped. Excessive force is not a huge problem it’s the opinionated mind that comes with it, it must be decreased properly by both the police and the public. The police also need learn to not permit personal feelings towards a civilian due to his or her race, sex, or religion. Also the police could probably do their job better with the right training that will prepare them for anything but to also help teach those police officers a way of approaching those who may or may not pose threat. There needs to be rules making sure police brutality will be stopped and justice will be served to those who are harmed in the process of it. Finally, people cannot simply just wait around and expect that police brutality will stop. People need to take a stand and demand that the police should be held

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