Police Brutality And Injustices In The United States

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One of the most current civil rights issues that is taking place in America is, police brutality and injustices, towards the so called African - Americans and the so called Hispanics. The minorities in America are being brutalized and murdered at the hands of the ones that vowed to protect and serve. It appears to be a new issue especially to the newer generations since they are not being taught true history. The reality is that the problems between minorities and police officers dates as far back as the transatlantic slave trade of 1619. The issue is being brought to the lime-light because it is currently being exposed by modern technology. Many civil right groups have come together to bring awareness as well as send a message to the oppressors. The racial tension in America is at an all time high as some Americans attempt to fight towards or against this oppression. According to history the so called African - Americans were brought to …show more content…
You have cases such as Emmett Till who was lynched in 1955 for flirting with a so called caucasain woman and cases as recent as this year, 2016, where Philando Castile is murdered by an officer while reaching for his wallet. The advancement of modern technology has brought attention to this issue because people are able to catch this all on video , as well as stream it live. Sadly, even though we have such solid evidence of police brutality on cameras, officers are still afforded the opportunity to go on paid leave and are eventually acquitted of all charges. Fear is traveling through the police community as well as the community of minorities, creating an even wider gap between the two. It is also stirring up racial tension between the Americans. Civil rights groups have come together to march through the streets as they did in past times, hoping that their voices will be heard and changes will be

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