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How long have you been playing basketball?

I’ve been playing basketball since as long as I’ve known it, since I was a young kid about six years old.

When did you realize that basketball was the sport for you? Was there any other sports that you played?

No not really, when I was growing up my brothers played basketball and my mom loved basketball so I was always brought up in a basketball family, I never really played any other sports. Since I was young I was always either one of the tallest kids, so I knew when I was young being the tallest kid always getting the most rebounds and points, from young I knew basketball was going to be my sport.

When did you first start getting contacted from universities? What were you initial thoughts/
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How did you find that competition compared to what Quebec?

I never really played Ontario. The only time I played Ontario completion was I was playing for team Quebec. I played against team Ontario, that was only time I really got to play against Ontario competition, and they were really good. So I was seeing that and was like wow so much different than Quebec. Ontario completion is so much more different.

Could you explain how they are different?

Ontario is more skills, more players have a lot more skill a lot more physical a lot more strength. Coming from Quebec not much people with that skill only like a few, you can name maybe 50 players with good skill coming out of Quebec. There are so many people going to the NCAA from ontario.

When did Ryerson contact you?

Coach Dip, coach Dip contacted me… When he contacted me, I think before December, around December, during a tournament a holiday tournament. We had two games and he started contacting me more and more.

Where there any other schools that were after you as well?

Yea, there was a lot of schools, there was Carleton, Ottawa U, St.
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Oh it was great, it was great I know if I came down earlier for that Brock game it would have been way better too.

Is there a specific player on the team that you are most excited to play with?


What do you think will be the biggest challenge transitioning to University level?

I don’t think it will be that much, cause where I come from I don 't know if you know CEGEP, so I play a lot of guys 20 years old. So my IQ level my skill level is different than someone coming out of High school so a person coming out of high school to university that is a big transition but going to university is going to be easier process for me. The play style how they play the run and gun, the transition, I think that’s going to be a big part for me but I know I 'm going to be able to keep up with that.

What is something that would surprise people about Keevon Small

Im an outgoing guy, funny guy, I play a lot of video games I play League of Legends that’s a game I like. I like a lot of weird things, and sometimes quite.

Anything else you think is important people know?

I’m just excited to get to Ryerson, get with the guys and show the league what I

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