Essay Planning A Pre K Classroom

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Planning is essential to all classrooms; however, each classroom has different procedures, especially in a pre-k classroom. In Pre-k they are two different groups of students: morning and afternoon. Therefore, the schedules pertains to both groups, but at different times of the day. Also, in Mrs. Beaver’s classroom there is an assistant teacher; thus, emergency plans for substitutes are not needed. Additionally, pre-k students generally are unable to read; therefore, there is no objective or lesson plans displayed for the students, besides there schedule. Despite pre-k’s unconventional schedules and procedures, the planning meets the needs of the students.
The morning and afternoon groups have different procedures, for each group has different necessities. For instance, the morning class eats breakfast prior to sitting on the carpet, whereas the afternoon groups comes in and goes straight to attendance. The morning group has just woken up and typically hasn’t had breakfast, while the afternoon group generally went to Head- Start and ate lunch. Nevertheless, both classes’ follow the same schedule, but with different times. For example, October 5th, 2015 the morning group had fire safety lessons at 9:15, while the afternoon group learned it at 1:15. Conversely, the morning group tends to have more of the schoolwide drills. For instance, October 9th the morning group did a fire drill with the school, whereas the afternoon group did not. Furthermore, when the classes goes to…

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