Plagiarism And How The American Educational System Is Declining

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All of the readings from the Norton mix all had one thing in common. They shared the same theme of education. One of the first readings “Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital age “ discusses the way college students now seem to view plagiarism as acceptable because of the ease of access they have now to information. The following reading titled “A Question of Honor” talks about how the American educational system is declining and how taking a stronger stance on plagiarism can help fix this downward trend. “The Myth of Inferiority “argues the notion that community college students aren’t as capable as students enrolled in a four year university. All these readings may discuss different topics and ideas, but they all share the same theme of education.
In the reading titled “Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age “, the author, Trip Gabriel tackles the problem of plagiarism and how the attitude towards plagiarizing is changing amongst college students. Trip Gabriel mentions how many different students from various universities felt like they didn’t feel the need to credit their sources when writing because they felt like the information was common knowledge or because of the ease of access the internet provided them for the information. The author feels like modern technology such as the internet is causing the attitude towards plagiarism to change. Students don’t view plagiarizing as inappropriate because of how readily availed information is to them. Trip…

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