Essay about Piaget 's Model Of Cognitive Development

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Since I was young I always wanted the best for my family and myself. I am a hard-working and talented individual, who knows right from wrong in even the most intense situations. I am a football player, with the utmost passion and desire for the game. I am a father, who loves, cares, and provides for his family. And I am a student striving for greatness, and I have an introverted personality that most people greatly appreciate. I challenge myself with long and short term goals everyday, hoping to become a better person. Knowing who you are at your core is true personality. Values, goals, feelings, and behavior tendencies are all part of knowing who you are at your core. Digging deeper in to your personality is an outstanding way to find out who you really are; truly analyzing yourself. In this essay I will use three particular concepts, models, and perspectives to analyze myself. I will mention Piaget’s model of cognitive development, Ainsworth’s attachment styles, and Baumrind’s parenting styles to give a proper analysis of my life and how it has come to be.
Piaget’s Model of Cognitive Development
This theory is broken down into four distinct stages of intellectual development aimed at young children. First is the sensorimotor stage. The idea that a newborn infant is capable of having reflexes such as the rooting and sucking reflexes. After three or four months the child will start to notice themselves and the actions they partake in. By the age of 8 to 12 months they…

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