Physician Assistants Play As A Physician Assistant Essay

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Physician Assistants play an important role in treating disease. On November 22, 2016 at Schneck Medical Center, I interviewed Bridget McGrath. Bridget works as a Physician Assistant at the hospital in the hospice area. Bridget obtained her Masters of Physician Assistant in May 2012 from Butler University. Bridget informed me about the roles, advantages, disadvantages, and problems with being a physician assistant.
Bridget first talked about her role in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Working at a hospital, it is very important for her to think about the safety of other patients and herself. She commented that she washes her hands when entering and leaving every patient’s room in order to prevent the spread of disease. She works to treat disease similar to a physician. Bridget conducts check-ups on patients who have been admitted to the hospital. During the check-up, vitals are checked, additional tests may be run, the patients are asked about their current physical being, and medicine can be prescribed. Ultimately, physician assistants focus on treating disease rather than preventing disease.
Physician assistants work closely to other health professionals daily. They are listed as working under a physician. Because of this, a physician assistant must always update the physician on changes in the patient’s health and treatment. Bridget said that she meets with her physician in the mornings before she begins her rounds. She also meets with the physician in certain…

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