Physical Health Is The General Public 's Definition Of Health

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Physical Health is the general public’s definition of health. Well is it really? This idea originated because the most common and known occupations that health are to do with are doctors and nurses, and what do they do… Doctors and nurses care for, treat and cure people that need medical help; because of this impression everyone else assumes that physical health is the only and most important type of health. This is in some way true because physical health is also the most researched and funded category. In this essay, I will be covering topics such as: my basic understandings of physical health, the many different branches of physical health and how these different branches can lead to poor health.

Firstly, my understanding of physical health is that it is the section of health that incorporates all of the exercise (strength, flexibility and endurance), diets. (nutrient intake, fluid intake and healthy digestion), alcohol and drugs (abstinence from or reduced consumption of these substances), medical self care (minor ailments or injuries and seeking emergency care when necessary). ~ some points and references from ‘ (What Is Physical Health? - Definition, Components & Examples Chapter 4 / Lesson 11.)’ Another chapter of physical health is that if someone gets an adequate amount of rest. The last point about adequate rest is truly important to me because I believe that if you are not well rested, then you will not have a positive day, furthermore you will not be…

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