Pharmaceutical Of Pharmaceutical And Agricultural Sales Essay

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Pharmaceutical sales representatives, also known as drug representatives or pharmaceutical salespeople, provide drug information and product samples to physicians. A pharmaceutical representative typically represents a particular drug or group of drugs from their company and meet with physicians who specialize in that specific medical field. In comparison to pharmaceutical sales, agricultural sales representatives sell equipment used for growing food and raising animals on farms and ranches, and they also sell medications for animals. Each agricultural sales representative is responsible for covering a certain geographical territory to maintain and develop new accounts with agricultural businesses and individual farmers. Agricultural sales representatives typically work for the manufacturers of tractors, columbines, planters, and also pharmaceutical companies. Exploring the careers of pharmaceutical and agricultural sales have helped me understand the different characteristics of the job and what it entails. This paper discusses the general description of pharmaceutical and agricultural sales, focusing on the different tasks that a pharmaceutical sales representative endures. The paper then addresses the necessary skills and the future outlook of pharmaceutical sales. The final section of the paper includes an interview discussion with a pharmaceutical sales professional, providing an overview of his daily tasks and responsibilities.

General Description of…

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