Persuasive Speech : High School Football Essay

732 Words Nov 19th, 2016 3 Pages
High School football is something that can’t be just described in just a couple of words. When you go to a High School football game in Texas you can see faithful supporters filling the stands which are waving their hands and homemade signs in support of their team. You hear the cheers and screams from the crowd. You can smell the hot dogs, burgers, pizza, pretzels, and popcorn from the concession stands. The marching band playing loud to match the noise and energy of the crowd. This memory could not be possible without the financial support received from different supporters who love the sport.
I agree with your statement Craig, that high school football can help a community, school, and athletic department financially in different forms. Our football team is the greatest team in East Texas but it’s supporters are as loyal as they come. We can lose by 30 points and the members of the community keep supporting the team as if they have won.
Football teams don’t just profit during the season. They profit year around with their different strategies. My brother is currently on the football team and we collect funds by selling journals filled with our sponsors which helps support the growth of the athletic department like in the building of a new stadium, transportation for the players, team equipment, film recordings, and for maintenance. The Booster Club helps by running the concession stand which helps provide funds to help feed the players, coaches, and support staff when…

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