Reasons Why College Football Players Should Be Paid Essay

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Why should college football players be paid?
There are many universities that are well known for their football teams, such as Louisiana State University, Florida State University, and Alabama State University, which generate $100 million annually. Some schools wouldn 't be as popular as they are without those teams, which make millions of dollars for their schools. Football teams should be paid because players bring colleges a lot of money, they are often seriously injured, and they 're working as hard as actual football players in the National Football League.
College football players have a lot to do with their school making money. One of the biggest, most popular football teams right now is Louisiana State University. LSU tickets sales
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Most players on the teams are there because they have a scholarship. This scholarship is already paying for their education in full, so that 's basically their compensation. Scholarships are important these days. Education is expensive, so everyone who is able to get one is blessed, especially if it 's a full scholarship. All they have to do is play on the team and make sure they 're keeping their grades up. These scholarships are worth a lot of money and they are a big help to many students. Playing football should be an extracurricular activity that can possibly take these students to the next level if they have the skills. There are many reasons why college football players should be paid while playing. These players are bringing in millions of dollars for these schools, they encounter some of the worst injuries, and they are working harder than NFL players. These boys are out there giving their all to be recognized by sponsors, who come out and watch these games. These players encounter different obstacles, but they still manage their grades because most of them are playing football on a scholarship. They should be paid for their hard work and dedication to these

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