Essay On Should College Athletes Be Paid

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I am an athlete and I love to compete for my school. I love bringing pride to my school and keeping that good reputation going. Being an athlete is a privilege and an honor. It takes guts; it is something extra in one’s life, or referred to as icing on the cake. Do I think college athletes should be paid by scholarships? Yes, I strongly believe athletes should be paid with scholarships. Why? College athletes have to work harder than normal students. We have to sacrifice our study time for our sport, therefore making it harder have study time and maintain good grades. College athletes also have less time for a job, making it harder for us to pay for college. This is one reason many of us rely on scholarships to keep us in school. The athletic …show more content…
For me running allows me to keep my cool, running keeps my stress levels from boiling over losing my cool. Running allows me to get a break from everything allowing me to be more focused when I come back to my tasks of life such as academics. Even though there are multiple ways to look at this situation, I still say and believe that college athletes should be given athletic scholarships. So many beneficial things could happen as I mentioned earlier. That athlete could change the way the school works for the better or change the way someone thinks about people. Bettering someone’s life is always worth it. Today’s culture is really opinionated and really tries to push their opinion. There are a lot of people that believe that giving athletic scholarships to athletes is a bad idea. That is the opinion of lots of people I have been finding out. There are many people who strongly disagree with handing out scholarships. They are very opinionated and not willing to open up to the other side of things. I have talked to people who think sports are dumb and should not take and “waste” a college’s money. Although I do not see how this is for most cases where that could

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