Analysis On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Topic: Should College Football Player Be Paid?
Sometime it is easy to answer yes or no to some questions, but there is more to answering this question. Moreover this has been a national topic over the years. With the many sacrifices the college athletes are making with their body, time, talents, emotional, mental and physical energy, they deserve to be paid. Can anyone imagine working and not getting paid in our American culture, where nothing is actually free; especially when others are getting rich and richer off your labor? And at the end result, you have no income to show, because people believe you are getting an education in return in the process. I strongly believe that they should get paid like everybody else for their labor. There is an understanding and belief according to most of the debates among students, classmate and even nationwide, that college athletes are getting higher education in exchange for pay (scholarship) “free education”. According to Dennis A. Johnson, E d. D., John Acqauvivia, PhD in Sport Journal article “Point/Counterpoint: Paying college athletes” they also acknowledge that student are not “employees of the university, rather they are, student first and athletes second.” They also went on to say that, “college athletes benefits use of pristine, gyms, well-manicured fields,
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Without their talents, physical and emotional sacrifices, the institutions will not be able to establish all of the above programs or benefits for the athletes. The argument is not about the benefits, reward or how much they should be paid and who should be paid more. It is about establishing the groundwork for college athletes to be paid for their labor. Their high work that has become a multibillion dollar business nationwide in everything. The TV programs, ticketing, clothing (uniforms, T-shirts) and other elements, therefore the college athletes should be

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