Persuasive Speech : Adaptive Leadership Essay example

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I have come to learn that not every class I sign up for is going to turn out the way I originally expect it to. There is so much to leadership that I never even knew existed before, but the more I discover, the more eager I am to explore. Adaptive leadership is a way of putting leadership into words, as complicated as that can actually be. I learned characteristics of leadership and how to set achievable goals, as well observed my growth as a leader over the semester and determined principals from this class I never want to forget. Reflecting on the semester through coursework and journals, helps me to realize my over all role in leadership and the impact it has had on me.
Before this semester, I had never really heard of adaptive leadership, but understanding it has already helped me so much as a leader. The Intro to Adaptive Leadership lecture video in module four is the best summary of the definition. In general, adaptive leadership is a practice that empowers people to be proactive in addressing difficult challenges in order to help their organizations be the best that they can be. It is something that changes based on the situation. It includes diversity, using strengths, looking for different perspectives form the balcony, and speaking from the heart, to name a few.
The four competencies of leadership has told by the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) is one of the most important takeaways. The four competencies include diagnosing the situation, managing self, intervening…

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