Persuasive Essay - Persuasive Self Assessment

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Persuasive Self-Assessment
Throughout the semester I learned a lot about public speech and communication in general. At the beginning of the semester I was not sure what to expect from the class. I did not know where I stood as a public speaker but now after taking the class I can see a big difference in my communication skill. I feel a lot more confident now then at the beginning of the class. Looking back at my first speech, there were a lot to be learned. First, I did not have many sources on the speech, and although it was an informative speech, it seems like I lacked credibility because of having less people to refer to. It almost looks like as if I was giving my own opinion about the MOOC. Also, sometimes I got paused during the speech. For that reason, I said “ah” many times throughout the speech. Because it was my first ever speech in a classroom, I was quite nervous. During the entire speech, I was thinking how I was going to say everything in less than 5 minutes. While I am not an anxious person, I was quite worried during the presentation. One of the things I did well was having my volume pace level throughout the speech. I consistently projected enough sound for everyone in the classroom to hear me clearly. Also, I completed the speech in a given time. Overall, there were a lot left for me to learn during the first few weeks of starting the class.
My group discussion (speech) was pretty good. I had good members that worked very well together and were respectful…

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