Persuasive Essay On Self-Driving Cars

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By now you’ve probably heard about the new technology concerning self-driving cars, and if you haven’t, that’s ok too, because here’s a little bit of information. Self-driving cars may sound like a futuristic fantasy, but they actually exist right now. In fact, Google currently operates these vehicles in California, Texas, and Washington. A self-driving car uses a computer to operate the car; no human interaction needed other to program your drive.
According to the National Safety Council, auto accidents are the number 1 cause of death in ages 5 to 25 and the number 2 cause of death for those 25 and older. In Colorado, traffic fatalities are even on the rise. With the growing awareness of distracted driving one would think it would be decreasing, but distracted driving continues on our roads and is a factor in many traffic accidents. So maybe, the idea that if a computer takes over the drive humans can maintain being distracted on their phones and not worry about what is on the road isn’t such a bad idea. But is it truly the best?
Whether self-driving cars have the ability to decrease accidents is still up for debate, but it hasn’t
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Legislatures will have to decide how to regulate these vehicles. However, there will likely not be a discussion about the legalities of self-driving cars until they become a more mainstream choice. As they do, we will then be able to truly see how safe they are on our roads. Will they help, hinder, or maintain the status quo when it comes to auto accidents? It is a bit scary to not know this information, and we probably won’t know until more people begin to use self-driving vehicles. Technology is supposed to help us, but often is can be distracting in a vehicle. Of course self-driving would help with that distraction, but will these cars have the experience that many drivers have when it comes to being behind the

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