Persuasive Essay On Recreational Marijuana

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Recreational marijuana users buy marijuana to get stoned not for addressing a medial issue; therefore the regulations should be night and day different, not almost identical. Recreational shops feel their business are taking a hit because of medical marijuana shops undercutting them, but medical marijuana shops are not a business they are here to provide affordable quality medication. Not turn medical marijuana into profit. Most medical marijuana dispensaries get cannabis medication from other patients and only charge the amount of money it costs for electricity and nutrients to produce the plant. “There is a fine balance of using marijuana as a recreational substance and as a substance of potential ‘medical use.” (Zoumbaris). It seems that …show more content…
Marijuana patients are a community, most medical marijuana shops opened in Washington are ran by legitimate medical marijuana users. They should not be forced to become a recreational marijuana shop to stay open. It is extremely obvious that the people whom made these new medical marijuana laws don’t understand about patients’ needs and rights to marijuana.
Essentially the government is strong arming medical marijuana patients and forcing them into databases run by the government, they have done this by limiting possession and growing rights resulting in the need for more patients to use the registry. Government is also even giving incentives to join the registry. They have mentioned if you join the state regulated medical marijuana database you will be able to grow and possess more. Patients should not be given medical marijuana
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They have also restricted the amount of dried cannabis as a medical patient you can have. Medical marijuana patients have been operating under medical marijuana laws that have been in place for almost 2 decades. Now because marijuana has been legalized the rules of medical marijuana have all of a sudden been changed. The way people use medical cannabis hasn’t changed just who can legally consume it, so why change medical laws? It’s because the less medical marijuana a patients can grow and have the more likely they will be taking a trip to the new hybrid marijuana shops selling both medical and recreational marijuana together.
Medical and recreational marijuana will be sold in the same store in separate sections, sounds a little like the segregation of marijuana to me. They say that marijuana patients won’t have their medication taxed but state government still going to limit growing and possession laws for patients, what’s the difference? No tax but little to no rights to grow and possess your own medication. The restrictions for medical marijuana patients on cultivation and possession are formulated to force medical marijuana patients into recreational facilities, tax or no

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