Objectives Of Medical Marijuana Essay

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Research Question and Objectives Before moving into further interpretation of the study results and their implications, it is important to revisit the research question and the research objectives posed within this study. The research question was formulated to explore the central phenomenon related to the identified social problem—the potential risk of medical marijuana use by vulnerable populations. The research objectives were developed to narrow the scope and guide the specific actions taken to obtain the information necessary to draw the conclusions that address the purpose of this study. In this section, the themes from both the literature and the research data are summarized and discussed in relation to the research question and to each of the research objectives. Research Question - What …show more content…
Additionally, the professionals and experts in the field medical marijuana were asked during the interviewing process about their knowledges of any specific stipulations in the state laws. As expected, based on the information found in the literature review, no individual state medical marijuana policies, laws, or regulations that specifically address vulnerable population were found in California, New York or Minnesota. When this study commenced, it was hoped that in New York and Minnesota, were the marijuana regulations are much more narrow and restricted than in California, that clinical standards and exceptions in the policies that would regulate the recommendation and distribution of medical marijuana to vulnerable populations might be found. This, however, was not the case, as neither clinical standards nor exceptions in the policies related to vulnerable populations were found in either of these states medical marijuana

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