Persuasive Essay On Hard Work

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People who work hard in life tend to succeed and be more successful than people who do not. The same goes for college students, hard work and making the right grades is one way to succeed in college. Some students and most teachers believe that attendance, in class, is the key to a successful college education. I would agree wholeheartedly with them, but I am in discord, with Southeastern Louisiana University, for letting professors make their own attendance policies in the classroom.
I do not think this is at all ethical. It has always been up to the student to put in the hard work and make the grades. Students would want to do their best will attend class, but students who do not want to do their best will not. The professor should let
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It was hard to focus on what was being taught when very few students cared about learning.
I attended a small private school in my home town. Even though I was a high school student, it always felt as if my hand was being held on a day to day basis. “Do this, Do that, Don’t do this, and Don’t do that”, the teachers would say. Which was strange, at the time, because they always said we were becoming adults and would soon get to make choices and decisions for our own. One choice my teachers always told my class and I about was that we would finally get to choose, in college, if we wanted to attend class or not.
When students graduate high school, people say we become adults. We get to make choices for ourselves. There isn’t going to be someone walking with me holding my hand every step of the way telling me what to do any more. That is what becoming an adult is all about right? There isn’t going to be attendance policies at work. A person either shows up and does the job he/she is hired to do, or doesn’t show and gets
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Without a fantastic work ethic, it will be hard to go to class when you need to. Many students not having work ethic instilled at a young age will find it hard to attend when they are supposed to. You have to take the duty upon yourself to do what you must to succeed in college, but ultimately life. Having my parents pay for private school education did not help me fully understand the importance of my education. Acquiring knowledge on the cast majority of subjects taught was intriguing to me, but all that learning every day just got boring. I just wanted a break, to relax sometimes. Now that I am in college and paying for my education, I see the importance of going to class and getting the most out of my education. Going to class should be my decision. If I choose to go to class, I am choosing to better myself, education, and life, but if I do not go to class, I choose to hurt myself, education, and life. The professor attendance polices are not a bad thing at southeastern, but I feel like it is crippling young and future students from reaching their true potential. Going to class when it is mandatory is one thing, but going when it is not and wanting to better oneself anyway is a characteristic that will go farther then and type of subject that could be taught in the

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