Gun Control: A Threat To Society

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Guns these days are over exaggerated and are played out to be a threat to society. With all the new technology being built lately, everyone 's attention has moved towards buying that new phone or checking your status. With all this new technology, there has been some issues that come with it. Guns are misused and abused online currently. As the young population views this material, the generation is heavily affected by the neglect. In result, the kids do not know how to properly use or treat a firearm. Guns are a big influence in many people 's lives everyday, and we shouldn 't just treat these weapons like toys. Children should be taught how to handle a firearm to prevent any future deaths. One of the main uses for these weapons is the advancement …show more content…
It seems as if liberals, or democrats, have all the time in the world to complain about every known situation. They are made up of paid politicians that only care about their salary and other countries that are currently posing a threat to the American population. Which may sound good, but its countries that we a sending money to daily. Some democrats are for gun control, but most are against gun control. Democrats are trying to only allow the twenty two caliber gun. A twenty two rifle is only a fifth of an inch, and is a small game rifle. Small game is a rifle used for small varmints like squirrels, rabbit, and moles. As an author, and a hunter I feel like that a person would get bored going after small varmints that have little meat on their bones. Any other gun that has a barrel diameter bigger than a twenty two caliber would have to turn in specific details about the buyer, that includes background information, or called and ¨Intermediate Sniper Rifle¨ (Norell 130) Like most democrats there is another group trying to remove all weapons. Anti Gun Activists, or shortened down to AGA, take the gun control ban to another step. ¨Anti Gun Activists inflate the actual numbers of gun deaths to prevent people from buying guns¨ (LaPierre P.27). It seems that lying about the truth is very important to them. I have never heard a truthful politician …show more content…
Adults need to teach the children of America not to abuse, neglect, or even fear firearms, and to teach them how to properly handle a weapon to prevent more gun deaths. What can we do to help the younger population of the U.S.? As a nation we can take responsibility to ensure the proper storage is taken to prevent a young child from hurting themselves or others. We can take kids to safety classes to educate them and ourselves to know how to properly use a firearm. We can refrain from talking to liberals, or democrats, because of the inflation scare they are bringing to the

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