Why Is It Important To Have A Concealed Weapon Essay

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People Like to be prepared for anything, however nobody wakes up in the morning and says,”I am going to be a victim today”. If you are one of the groups of people who just does not care about the ability to carry a concealed weapon because it does not affect you, sorry to say, it does. Almost everybody fear what they expect, but don’t fear the unexpected, almost everybody will run for help or call the cops if someone is breaking into their house, almost everybody is ignorant and are willing to do anything if they are in dire need. Evil is all around us and the only way to prevent it from prevailing in the end is to fight it In most cases humans are found fearing for their lives whenever a dangerous conflict arrives. When a person is in public they think that nothing will happen especially during the day however, that is where most terrorist or lunatics set there targets on. The only way that you can save lives got banned and the majority of the persons that were in the blast radius or the target zone just died. Luckily for you that probably won’t happen and states can still issue concealed weapon carrying licenses. A weapon can mean life or death for you or your loved ones. We cannot get rid of them but we can arm ourselves. When you least expect it evil will rear its ugly head, and with the ability to carry a concealed weapon you will be able to …show more content…
Understanding this we should always be aware and we should not let gun pacifists take control. Citizens that are afraid of guns do not realize that even if we get rid of them bad people will get hold of them. That is a pretty good reason why we should be able to carry guns with a concealed weapon carrying license. Let’s face blatant facts, we need protection and who better than ourselves could provide it better than we can. We deserve to be armed, we deserve to feel

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