Persuasive Essay On Childhood Bullying

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Childhood bullying can lead to problem with health and social relationships in adulthood. Studies have shown that individuals struggle to hold a job and have poor social relationships. Bullying is defined as an intimidating influence towards another in an effort to demonstrate a position of power. Bullying is an insistent pattern of harassments and aggressive behavior toward another person. Bullying is a serious problem at home, schools, communities, and wherever people interact. Bullying is a challenging and constant issue that society faces. However, there are a lot of solutions that the society can follow to prevent bullying. Anti-bullying programs considered more effective than other solutions.
Academic failure, low self-esteem,
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Keeping members of the society educated on this issue also keeps the communication open between the parent and their children. Parent should keep this communication on a daily basis. Sometimes parent can share their life story of a time they got bullied or picked on at school and how the situation was handled, this can open a window between a parent and a child to tell his or her own story and how they can focus on fixing it. Parent involvement in their child life and what is surrounding it can bring a lot of hope to the child and encourages him or her to stand up for themselves. In case of any cyberbullying behavior the parent should get involved immediately, document the incident, printout the emails or anything in such and follow up. Parent should inform the authorities if the bullying continues. However, most parent do not have enough knowledge to spot the behavior early. Anti-bullying programs will teach parents and give them the acknowledge how to spot signs of bullying; also will provide children with better understanding to the effects of bullying. Educating one family at a time can improve U.S. society as a whole. Anti-bullying program inspires kindness and positive attitude among students. Surround student with positive energy can help them to overcome the bullying effect. The programs will work also on the individual who is doing the bullying, in most cases the individual tends to have family situation which may have contributed to his or her resorting to violence as a solution. Those individual should be evaluated and provided with a professional help that they deserve and their

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