Essay on Perspectives on Diversity

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Perspectives on Diversity The United States today is a society struggling with its own diversity. There have been and still are many perspectives on how we as a society should come together and interact with others of different races, cultures and ethnic groups. The Anglo Conformity Perspective views the values, norms and standards of the United
States as an extension of English cultures because the English were the dominant group during the colonial era and when the new nation was emerging. (pp. 177) This group rejects diversity and favors homogeneity maintain that everyone should conform to the values, norms and standards determined by the Anglo founders of the country and was modified by the continuing
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This was mainly because they were still denied rewards given to the “white” immigrant groups. Many immigrants with lighter skin could “pass for white”. This allowed them many advantages but they paid a psychological price. Their success over shoed the power of Anglo conformity but it also contradicted the concept of America as a melting pot. The Melting Pot Perspective is a conceptual belief that when immigrants from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds come to United States they blend into the culture and mixed together with those who have come before, develop into a new distinctly American identity. (pp.
177) This perspective has been especially attractive in intellectual, artistic and political circles with its compelling images of Americans as a blend of cultures living in harmony. This is a great vision and concept but Americans scarcely responded. People of color first questioned the melting pot concept criticizing it as a myth that had nothing to do with the reality of America’s diversity (pp. 168) While the idea of the melting pot was suppose to be the combination of all of the subcultures coming together into a new superior culture, many immigrants viewed it as something very different. Many immigrants viewed this as the process of melting away of the subcultures and that it was Anglo conformity was the reality of the melting pot.
The Melting Pot perspective today focuses more on

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