What I Learned In Communication Class

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I learned a tremendous amount of useful information throughout the entire semester. It has helped me change and grow from my old perspective, behavior, and conflict styles. This class has made me more self aware of myself in so many positive ways. I wish I could write down everything I had learned, but my list is too huge, so I had to narrow it down. This class not only made me self aware of myself, but it made me self aware of others communication styles, emotions, and thought processes.
I learned different forms of communication, high context culture, low context culture, the different forms of communication misconceptions, and conflict styles. I also learned how to self monitoring is healthy and it has the ability to help you along with
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My conflict behavior has to do a lot with deliberate emotions, fallacy of overgeneralization, defensiveness, aggression, and selective hearing. Along with controlling communication, acknowledgement, and spontaneity. I am a controller and entertainer. After reading this chapter multiple times it has taught me new coping skills and how to manage my own conflict. The way I use this information in real life is now when I do have a conflict I first analyze the situation, think about what I 'm going to say, and how to I’m going to react without letting my emotions take over …show more content…
I know the areas in which I need to improve. I leared how others think and feel which makes me have more empathy for people instead of a short fuse. I have taken these new strategies and used them to improve my relationships in a positive way and will continue to use them daily. Any of the information that I learn from either communication classes or psychology classes I take them with me and I applied them to my life because I noticed a significant difference in improvement of being more self aware. All of the knowledge I have learned I not only apply it to myself but I try to help and open up other people’s minds with it so they will get a clear understanding. I learn to be able to pass on my knowledge others and maybe they will pass it on but it makes a significant difference in people’s lives. I always say it’s like getting the key to life but being able to unlock yourself mentally. This is the reason why I love taking classes like this, I love to learn about myself and how to fix my flaws but more importantly how to evolve into a better understanding person

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