Personality Traits From The Personality Essay

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Certain personality traits have the ability to predispose specific individuals towards certain behavioral problems such as aggression, depression and anxiety (Yu, Branje, Keijers & Meeus, 2015). Yu et al. (2015) examined personality traits from the personality-environmental perspective and how they pertain to relationship satisfaction and anxiety disorder symptoms. The research implemented a longitudinal study looking specifically at personality type, romantic relationship and the interaction of the two with social anxiety. They used the five-factor model to identify the participant’s personality types. Most participants reported having a high level of Extraversion, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness (Yu et al., 2015). This was surprising because in the previous study performed by Fruyt & Denollet (2002), they concluded that individuals who suffer from social anxiety scored lower on Extraversion and scored higher on Openness.
Individuals scored a relatively high Cronbach’s alpha for their relationship satisfaction (α=0.91). This means that the individuals who participated in this study were overall reasonably satisfied with their romantic relationship. There was a positive correlation between lower relationship satisfaction and social anxiety within romantic relationships (Yu et al., 2015). There was also a correlation between individuals who identified being a Type D personality and lower relationship satisfaction due to social anxiety being a contributing…

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