Essay on Personal View Of Special Education

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Personal View of Special Education Paper The goal of education is to provide students with knowledge and skills so that they may be successful in their life. The goal of special education then, should be the same. Even though providing knowledge and skills to a student with a disability might look differently than to a student without a disability, the goal should remain the same. Before looking at the goals of special education we must first define what it is. Next we need to know what teaching students with disabilities and what being a teacher of a students with disabilities, would look like. Finally it is important to discuss the significance of individuals with disabilities in our society. The assignments, readings, and activities we have completed throughout the course of the semester have helped shaped my personal view of special education that you will see being discussed in this paper.
What is Special Education?
According to the textbook, Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education by By William L. Heward, Sheila Alber-Morgan & Moira Konrad, “Special Education is a complex enterprise that can be defined and evaluated from many perspectives” (Heward, Alber-Morgan and Konrad, 2000). If there is anything I have learned from this class, it is that there is so much more to special education than just a simple definition. I believe that special education is education that is provided to students with various disabilities, impairments, and/or exceptional…

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