Personal Teaching Philosophy: My Personal Philosophy Of Teaching

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Personal Philosophy of Teaching
A philosophy of teaching statement is a detailed account of an educator’s view, feelings, actions and pedagogies used to teach, assess, and evaluate students. This statement may be used to procure an educator’s first teaching job, or it may be used by experienced faculty as a means for evaluation, promotion, or tenure. Furthermore, seasoned faculty may use it as a means to look back on their practice and evaluate their effectiveness (Felicida-Reynaldo & Utley, 2015). In addition to one’s own values and beliefs, consideration of the facility or institution’s mission, principles and the standards of the profession should be taken into account when writing a philosophy of teaching statement (Valiga, 2016).
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The gratification I experienced when new nurses had that aha moment and understood the complex concepts I was teaching was so rewarding it resulted in me became passionate about teaching. I have been told that I have a talent for breaking down complicated processes into manageable chunks of information, allowing the new nurse to assimilate the entire concept. After successfully precepting graduate nurses on a one on one basis, I was promoted to the role of a clinical educator where I taught and monitored groups of graduate nurses. This role further amplified my love teaching and the rewards that accompanied …show more content…
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