Personal Statement : Understanding Your Health Essay

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In the textbook, “Understanding Your Health”, I took a self-assessment that examined my health behavior. I scored a 559 overall, which meant that I had a relatively adequate health behavior. However, I think my score of 559 was on the lower side of the relatively adequate health behavior since the points ranged from 550 to 569. I was actually very close to the low health behavior score, which ranged from 330 to 549, as I was only 10 points away from a low health behavior score. This means that I should be more cautious about my lifestyle and try to make improvements in which I could live a more fulfilling and healthy life. Nonetheless, I scored high in many areas, while other areas needed improvement.
The area that I was the strongest in was alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, in which I received a score of 100 out of 100. I think the reason I scored high in this area is due to the fact that I do not indulge in any of the above recreational activities. Other areas in which I had a relatively high score were environmental health and safety practices, in which I scored above 60 out of 80. However, there were areas that I needed to make improvements in. The areas that I needed the most improvement in were stress management and fitness, in which I scored below 40 out of 80. I realized that stress management was the area that I needed the most improvement in, since I feel as if I am always stressed. This is probably because I tend to have numerous tasks to accomplish in a…

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