Personal Health Assessment: My Personal Wellness Assessment

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When taking my health risk assessment, I found that overall my personal wellness score was a 99. This was a good score and based on the assessment, I am on track to a healthy lifestyle. Things that I need to keep doing is maintain my weight, not use tobacco products, wear a seatbelt, keep my LDL within the healthy range, and keep eating a diet high in fiber. Some things I need to change are exercising three to five times a week and reduce the amount of fat in your diet (see Appendix A). This was not surprising to find because when I went to the doctor and got my yearly physical, the doctor told me the same thing when he received my blood test results. My good cholesterol was kind of low when they ran my blood exams, which is not that good, …show more content…
Not only that, but I will also make sure to stay motivated and whenever I have the option to walk or take the stairs, to do so. Also, I will make sure to record daily and sync it to my phone with my fit bit so that I know I am staying on track. Lastly, I will make sure to reevaluate each week if my plan is working or if I need to do more walking to reach my goal. Currently, I am averaging out at around seven-thousand steps per day. I hope to increase it by two-hundred steps a day to start averaging out to ten-thousand steps per day. During the first week I was doing good. From the first day (11/7) to the second day (11/8) I did more than a hundred step increase, which was good (look at Appendix B for detailed data). The next day I did not increase by one hundred steps and only increased by thirty-four steps. However, the day after that I did increase by ninety-seven steps which is three steps away from one hundred but it is still good progress. And the last three days of the first week I started to increase by a hundred steps per day. I think overall the first week went well. It was a bit challenging because I had to keep note of how many steps I had so I had to keep paying attention to …show more content…
This was a huge help because I am very competitive and wanted to win the hustle at the end of the week. I will continue to use this challenge every week so that I can stay motivated to keep this habit up for the long run. I liked that I could interact with my friends in this way, and even though we didn’t receive a prize if we won, it was still rewarding and fun.
In the future, I would probably try to avoid taking things such as elevators and choosing stairs, because I don’t think I made that decision as much as I probably should have during this project. However, overall I think my project was a success because of the fact that I set myself up with a realistic goal.
In sum, my behavioral change project went well and I am happy with my results. I hope to keep up this change even if the steps surpass my ten-thousand steps per day. I know that in the long run this behavioral change will help me to decrease my risk of getting hypertension or any other diseases that are caused by not staying healthy and physically

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