Taking A Risk Assessment Essay

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Chapter 7 Risk assessment for marijuana dependence or abuse is not a problem for me. I can not lie when I was younger I did smoke marijuana and you might have said I had a little bit of dependence for it. It was a huge part of my life in my teenage years. My friends smoked it some of my family smoked it. But for 25 years now I have not touched it and chose to teach my children to not touch it either. I have a 21 year old and a 15 year old, I would like to hope that from my husband 's and my influence on how drugs have a negative effect has kept them from even trying and also they make the choice not to associate with anyone that does. Alcohol is a big topic in my family. My mother -in -law passed away from cirrhosis of
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Before that I was on the birth control pills, I feel because of this I may adequately express my opinion on this subject. I feel that it over all allows women to be healthy as possible before they become pregnant, which leads to a healthier pregnancy. Some birth control pills contain folic acid, taking this leads to a healthier pregnancies and healthier babies. Folic acid helps some risks of serious birth defects. Birth control also lowers the risk of unplanned pregnancy and abortions. Many abortions can be prevented if people used their heads. I am not pro abortion or am I for abortion either. I feel that some have reasons for their choice in having one and that their live is theirs. But I do feel as a baby anysize in the womb are babies and we should realize that we are making a life whether in the heat of the moment or not and if we do not intend to care for a child we need to take all measures to insure that we are protected so that "accidents" may not happen.But not only for pregnancy reasons, birth control pill has benefits to a woman 's menstrual cycle and helps lower some types of cancer. Having said this I do not feel it is only the woman 's responsibility, the use of birth control is not only for pregnancies, it besides abstinence is the best way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. People get caught up in the heat of the moment and do not think about that when they

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