How Healthy Are You? Assessment Essay example

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How Healthy Are You? Assessment
Upon completing my “How Healthy Are You?” assessment my results showed the highest scores of nineteen in environmental, spiritual, and intellectual health. The lowest score I received of sixteen fell under the category of physical health. Within this category my scores showed a tie between lack of sleep and weight loss. I took some time to contemplate a realistic goal weighing out what I was actually able to commit to and, ultimately decided to choose weight loss as my health issue for my behavioral project. Even though studies have shown that adequate amount of sleep helps in the process of weight loss. I wanted to put in place a plan that was attainable with my current schedule. By doing so I hope to set SMART goals that are realistic and, can give me accurate results that I can later measure for the conclusion of my study.
Background of the Problem
Many factors can contribute to prevention of weight loss and result in weight gain. Included in some of these factors is mental preparation of wanting to change a bad eating habit that has contributed to weight gain for good. It has been proven over and over again that successful weight loss depends on permanent lifestyle changes, such as eating healthy foods and incorporating physical activity in the individuals daily routine. That may very well mean a significant change in all areas from a current unhealthy lifestyle. Such areas may include changing times of day the individual eats to help…

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