Personal Narrative: My Commitment To Study Social Work

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My commitment to study social work at the Master’s level is the direct result of my life experiences and passions. I grew up in a diverse family compared to that of my peers. I had a twin brother who was born with severe Cerebral Palsy. Growing up in a family with a special needs child often sets one apart from their peers. Doctor appointments often ruled our life. Every family event had to be scheduled around appointments, procedures and surgeries. As a child and eventually teen, I saw many different families going through similar circumstances while attending these appointments. I saw a world I could relate to, I could see that I was not alone. From these experiences grew a passion for helping others and connecting with others who understood …show more content…
Medical knowledge is a huge thing for me. I absolutely love medicine, and enjoy learning about how humans are affected physically, mentally and emotionally from the medical practice. I like to read up on current issues revolving around families and medicine. When there is a divide in a thought I like to read both sides and try to understand both points. However, I can see my knowledge as a weakness. I limit myself to one area of social problems. Clients may very well be a part of a social problem that I have not spent time reading up on or involving myself in. I need to broaden my research to other social issues to better prepare myself to help a larger population. Social problems cannot be fixed if someone isn’t educated on all aspects of many problems. I am very self- critical and strive for perfection. I thrive on feedback and criticism because I know that it is a way to better myself. I can’t get better if I am not told ways to improve. Striving for perfection also presents a weakness. Perfection in this field will never be possible because there will always be more that can be done. I know that my wanting to be perfect will be frustrating for me and could possibly hinder the job I do if I do not remind myself that it is not possible and that all I can do is do the best possible job I can. I am a quick learner and have always been a proficient problem solver. I think that these traits will be assets in trying to solve a problem for a family. Many times I know that decisions must be made in a timely manner and that pressure will be placed upon me. I can often make these decisions rationally and quickly under pressure. My weakness in this area would be that with too much on my plate I can be overwhelmed easily. This job often carries a heavy load and I will have to make sure that I ask a superior or colleague for help when I need it. This will mean that I will have to be good at

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