Personal Statement : Self Analysis Essay

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A self-analysis is a way for anyone to reflect on one’s own personality traits and improve on the known weaknesses moving forward. It is useful because it gives one the opportunity to identify traits that will enable the person to ease through any type of situation. Reflecting on the already-known strength and weakness, the author can identify five learned behaviors that will not empower me to succeed in this course and throughout the nursing program. But, the author can also identify five learned behaviors that will enable my success in my nursing academics.
Learner Behaviors That Do Not Empower Success
The five learned behaviors that the author had identified that will not empower success in the nursing program are the following. One, the author does not take effective notes during class. Two, the author does not make any eye contact with anyone. Three, the author comes late to classes sometimes. Four, the author reads while listening to her favorite music. Five, the author does not socialize with peers and professors often. Of the five learner behaviors identified, the three learner behaviors the author believes will impede on her success, if there is no improvement, are not taking effective notes during class, reading while listening to popular music, and not making eye contact with anyone. In the author 's effort to examine her top three identified behaviors, she will explain why and how each behavior will impede in her success in the nursing career.

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