APS6: Project Reporting Report

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Application for APS6 Project Reporting Coordinator in the Enterprise Project
I wish to apply for the position of Project Reporting Coordinator in the Enterprise Project and have provide the following information in support.
Lean Six Sigma
Since being with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs I have shown I am keen to take on new challenges and learn new information.
I am well placed to assist EPMO staff in applying Lean Six Sigma methodology as I became a Yellow Belt in July 2015. Within my current role as SAM Team Leader I have used the define phase to select projects, such as staff performance and processing errors, and have used tools such as Pareto charts, box plots and flow charts to measure this information. These steps showed there were
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When working for the Department of Human Services – Centrelink as a Senior Practitioner I was responsible for preparing quarterly reports with my fellow Senior Practitioners with respect to the performance of staff and teams across the National Student Network. This report would be delivered to the team managers, Assistant Operations Managers and Operations manager in person and via video link. To ensure this process ran smoothly I would ensure my contributions were prepared ahead of deadlines, discuss contributions with my colleagues, cross check the contribution of my colleagues for accuracy and would learn key statistical information to be able to answer the questions of the wider leadership team. By being prepared and communicating openly, we were able to deliver the report accurately and effectively.
I understand the need for productive working relationships, open and clear communication and using all resources available to create better outcomes within the APS.

Stakeholder Management
I understand that the core of any role within the APS is achieving legislative requirements and balancing internal and external stakeholder
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To address this I put together a Microsoft Office Access Database for my team to collect information on feedback sent to our internal clients. The result has already been positive, with data on staff in the Initial Liability area helping to select staff for additional SAM training that will be held in late September.
My skills in the area of stakeholder management are further evidences in my role as Incapacity Team Manager. As Manager for the Incapacity team during the RCG transition project I demonstrated an ability to be flexible and to communicate clearly with internal stakeholders across a broad cross section of DVA. In this role, I negotiated difficult transfers, agreed on work standards and guided my team through the transition process. In all aspects of this work I relied on my strong communication skills to ensure smooth processing; I clearly communicated changes and discussed the transition openly with concerned parties. By being open and clear I ensured the team and our clients were better prepared for the changes.

I understand that in any role within the APS, it is vital we have open communication networks and proactively participate in the workplace.


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