Personal Statement: Pharmacy And Toxicology

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Pharmacy and Toxicology
I never knew what I was passionate about until I was in 8th grade. At first, I wanted to be a physical therapist assistant. However, in the middle of 9th grade, I changed my passion and wanted to be a pediatrician and I have continuously stuck to that idea. I really wanted to do things in the medical field and so joined an after school club called READY Club which is a club that teaches students how to react during an emergency or a medical emergency. I have been CPR trained and received my license in 2015. My grandma was diagnosed with tuberculosis so she was at the hospital for many months and I would stay at the hospital with her to help translate things to her. However, my other intention was to observe the room
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I had no fear. However, my family as a whole—cousins, uncles, aunts—they have all looked down on me. “You’ll never become a pediatrician,” or “You can never be a doctor,” or “Don’t dream too big. You’ll only get hurt in the end.” I have been criticized for dreaming big and I have been told it’s a bad thing. But I continue to dream and I had a backup plan. If I didn’t become a pediatrician like they said, I’ll become a pharmacist. And I was also passionate in the pharmacist field since I had connection to pharmacist at Hayat Pharmacy and they have introduced me to their career which I find interesting. Since I am aware that there are long words for a certain medicines, I took Latin as a language class since pharmacy is one of my career options and it can help me in the medical field. If I earn a major in this field, I would do my best to fulfill it to prove that I have potential and I can become a doctor and I am willing to do what I can for it. I also plan on attending the School of Pharmacy in the University of Wisconsin Madison if I get admitted into the university and I earned a major in this field. It’ll be an amazing milestone that occurred to me in my life. In this field, I would like to experience exposure to medicine and chemicals and how they work to build the human …show more content…
I find myself watching anime and/or Japanese movies and reading manga and I pick up on the language and I know few phrases and greetings from these things. I decided to actually learn Japanese by myself during middle school. I created note cards, I have designated notebooks, I subscribed to Youtube channels which taught Japanese and how to read and write. Aside from the language, I also learned about the culture such as their celebrations and holidays. Japanese culture is a beautiful art that I will always admire. One day, I would love to visit Japan. If I am given the opportunity to major in this field, I know I will highly enjoy it because it really sparks my interest. I love it so much I joined Manga Club. I eventually became the Vice President of Manga Club because I love it so much. There is never a day I don’t enjoy going to the club and seeing the members and catching up on things. Currently, we are learning about the Japanese culture through games such as Jeopardy or we have fun games such as charades or Pictionary. I am also making slideshows to teach the club about Japanese Tea Ceremony, mochitsuki (mochi pounding), and handmade noodles. The other administrators and I have planned out a modernized Japanese Tea Ceremony demonstrated by me and another admin that we will be performing the day we are presenting the information about Japanese Tea Ceremonies. It’ll

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