Personal Statement : Personal Goals Essay

930 Words May 9th, 2016 4 Pages
As I began Milestone four, I stopped and thought about the goals I wanted to set for myself. How can I best use this class and this project for personal growth? One, how can I best set myself up for success. Two in setting my goals, not to create too lofty of a goal that I will fail or produce additional stress in trying to reach the tartget. Lastly, how can I best incorporate the personal goals I set in Milestone Two. In Milestone two, I identified the three goals I sought to set for myself. Also, wanting these stress relieving goals to encompass my mind, body and spirit. These goals honor the significant areas of my life: meetings that I must attained for my sobriety, continuing to do service work and finally my spirituality fitness.
Although my first goal involves something that I already do have in my life. Recently, I have slacked and let my meeting in recovery slide to nearly zero. Lack of meetings has a direct effect on my thoughts, producing irritability and discontent in most areas of my life. Therefore, scheduling at least three meetings a week on my days off work is goal one. Within this goal, my sub-goal will be to meet with my fellows before or after the meetings attended. Each meeting has their fellowship that meets before or after the AA meeting; this could be coffee, food or walking as a group. One of the amazing things about the recovery community is the support given by all that attained. I have found that my attendance at meetings lowers my stress levels,…

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