Essay Personal Statement : Pediatric Home Health Care

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I currently work at Pediatric Home Health Care as a private duty nurse caring for the pediatric patients whom require complex medical assistance at their homes, schools, and other community settings.I have been a Registered Nurse for four years. In my first year as a nurse, I worked with geriatric patients. A few years ago, I transitioned to pediatric nursing care to gain exposure to various groups of patients. I truly enjoy giving back to the community and making a differences for my patients and their families This professional has taught me to be considerate and compassionate towards my patients and their families and thus I thrive to provide excellent patient care.

Beside work and family life, I love to volunteer. Since high school I have been volunteering at Banadir Community. I started volunteering as a youth and community outreach leader at Banadir community. I have taught several health classes around the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I have focused more on diabetes and hypertension since these two diseases are prevalent among community members. I have educated the community around the importance of knowing the signs of heart attack, stroke, and various diabetes complications. Another topic I have focused on is the importance of medication adherence and consulting their healthcare providers before starting and discontinuing any prescriptions. I come from a culture where many believe in herbal medicine, and I happen to know that many of the…

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