Personal Statement On Leadership Self Assessment

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Leadership Self-Assessment:
Although my presence here at XYZ has only been just shy of half a year, I feel like my leadership characteristics offer much more than my time here can display. So far, I have excelled in multiple aspects of leadership. The first being with values, where my contributions to the development of the XYZ program has been met with positive feedback from both my fellow team members and program’s leadership. I have kept an open-mind on continuous improvement and have responded respectfully to constructive criticism from team members. With leadership performance being a huge contributing factor in the choices I make, I have been able to deliver high-quality results while making on-the-go decisions for problems that arise such as how to approach different issues. I am able to work independently with little to no supervision, but also within a team and help lead the team to accomplish the tasks given and work side by side other groups to help complete a common goal. Working on tasks is constantly a non-stop learning process. Before starting on my programming task, I had little experience with Java’s GUI but after months of hard work, I have been able to deliver an excellent UX and GUI to the end-user.
Whenever issues would arise and no clear answer could be determined, I would work with the team to help solve the unfamiliar task in an efficient out-of-the-box method. This occurred when our program ran extremely slow but by trimming down the analysis from

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